This is the official SAC homepage.

SAC is an informal organization that facilitates communication among the leadership of the 12 HOAs that make up Fairfield in the Foothills in order to share best practices and to resolve common management issues.

Public SAC Information

Fairfield has National Firewise Accreditation

Fairfield Cell Towers and Signal Strength

  • Comcast uses Verizon
  • Mint mobile uses T-Mobile
  • Boost uses AT&T and/or T-Mobile
  • Cricket uses AT&T

Based on my understanding, if it is red, there is likely no signal. But if there is no color nearby (red/orange/green), the signal strength will vary above 1 or two bars up to full strength in the light green.

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If you are a Fairfield HOA Director, Officer or Committee Chair but do not yet have a SAC UserID, use Contact SAC with a message.