Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is SAC organized?

SAC is an informal organization that facilitates communication among the leadership of the 12 HOAs that make up Fairfield in the Foothills in order to share best practices and to resolve common management issues. The leadership of SAC is provided by three “SAC Coordinators” who volunteer their time to meet and organize SAC activity, including seasonal meetings, events, email communications, and website collaboration.

How do I participate in SAC?

SAC meetings and access to the website are available to directors, officers and committee chairs of the 12 HOAs of Fairfield in the Foothills. Website access is facilitated via a logon which will provide privileged information not available to the general public.

What does SAC do?

Provides a way for the SAC HOAs to share information related to HOA best practices and to support the leaders in their respective roles/duties.

How do I logon?

Click the red Logon link at the bottom of the Home page (or click here -> Logon). Enter your SAC UserID & Password. If you are a “Fairfield in the Foothills” resident and an HOA Director, Officer or Committee Chair and do not yet have a SAC UserID, please use Contact SAC with a message.