March 28 SAC meeting with Dist. 1 Supervisor Ally Miller & Deputy Cty Public Works Admin Carmine DeBonis Jr.

Carmine DeBonis

Carmine discussed his role and the statistics related to the budget and funding of road projects. He highlighted the process for getting approval of $16M of ’97 transportation bond funds to be distributed to addressing poor and failed roads.

If the $16M is approved for distribution, $10M would likely be slated for the next fiscal year starting in July 2018.  Territory Rd. is on that first fiscal year list of projects for Dist. 1. That means the improvement would be initiated in the Fall of 2018. He suggested the project uses a default conservative cost estimate for milling 2″ of pavement and resurfacing (~$250K/mile) and does not include curbing or culverts. Residents noted that the lack of curbing will likely cause more rapid deterioration of the resurfaced road. They also noted that the HOAs funded the speed hump construction on Territory which was executed by the county, which should be included in the cost of resurfacing.

He closed his discussion with an overview of how his dept improved the process efficiency in response to the economic downturn that reduced budgets. The improvement in govt efficiency was well received and suggest he be given the authority to expand it to more departments.

Ally Miller

Ally discussed her role and issues related to the allocation of HURF+VLT funds to road improvement projects. She would like to get AZ State legislation to restrict diversion of these funds and add auditing in order to ensure compliance by State and County. She highlighted her efforts to get County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and the other supervisors to support road surface reconstruction on failed roads and encouraged more voter participation in order to effect change in Pima County.

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Below are some photos taken by a resident that were used to support the meeting held on March 21 with Ally Miller’s office. This link is to a group of pictures I took of the east end of Territory. Starting at the church and going east to the wash just east of Sonoyta.

The condition of the edges of the roads is a major safety issue. If a vehicle goes off the pavement in many locations along Territory they could lose control and flip the vehicle causing serious injury. In some spots they probably should guard rails up.

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